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Vast Grimm Core VTT

Vast Grimm Core VTT

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This folder contains all of the core Vast Grimm digital VTT Files from the main book including:

  • Main Level of the Conundrum Spaceship
  • Cargo Level of the Conundrum Spaceship
  • Tokens for: Astro Zombie, Big Würm, Cyphalite, Devout, Earth Animal Tiger, Electric Eye, Emo|Bot, Harvester, King Saule, Lost Technomaniac, MAnchiNe, Parasite Spur, Radioactive Rodent, Ragebot, Salazarite, Slime Slug, Sludge, Soul Survivor, Space Raider, Treacherous Merc, Twisted Biochemist, Void Revenant, Wör Hound, Würm Carnitious, Würm Curor, Würm Neuroc, Würm Ramethus, Würm Tergus, Würm The Rot

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