Retro video Game Inspired
Tabletop Accessories


1UP-Dice is unlocking something radical! Growing up influenced by 8-bit consoles and RPGs, we thought what would be more gnarly than mashing the two worlds together.

1UP-Dice takes that retro feel of our favorite console games and merges it with vibrant, sparkly, 8-bit dice that are perfect for any tabletop RPG. This new line of dice has been designed around nine retro symbols, with the symbol replacing the highest value on each die. With 1UP-Dice, each set of polyhedral dice will have eleven dice total (two d20s, one d12, one d10, one d%, one d8, four d6, and one d4).

1UP-Deck Boxes

1UP-Deck Boxes take that retro feel of our favorite console games and merge it with vibrant themes of everyone’s favorite card games. This new line of deck boxes has been designed around retro symbols, with the symbol representing the theme of each box. With 1UP-Deck Boxes, each container will have room for 100 double-sleeved cards (including a partitioned area for 25 additional single-sleeved tokens/cards. It's even got a bonus compartment in the bottom that easily fits 10-12 dice.