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About Infinite Black

Infinite Black - founded in 2017 with a mission to create the most imaginative and creative tabletop games and accessories. With the incredible support of 34,038 backers, we have raised nearly $3 million through six successful crowdfunding campaigns. Our passion is to deliver unparalleled artistic experiences through our games, dice sets, and accessories - each a work of art in its own right. We are dedicated to pushing the boundaries of what is possible and inspiring the creativity of fellow gamers. At Infinite Black, we believe our imagination has no limit and are committed to elevating the gaming experience. Join us on our journey to bring the magic and artistry of tabletop gaming to the next level.

The Team

David LaRocca, The Artificer: Infusing magic into all objects he creates, aka Owner / Creative Director / Artist

David is a fantasy and horror artist. He is the driving force and vision behind Infinite Black. His works of art and graphic design define the look and feel of Infinite Black's creations.

Current Favorite Board Game: Twilight Imperium
Current Favorite RPG: D&D 3.5


Brian Colin, Traveling Bard: Versatile, crafty, and ready to inspire the party, aka VP of Tabletop RPG Development / Artist
Brian is a sculptor, game designer, product developer, and graphic designer. He brings years of experience running a small business servicing corporate clients as well as developing his own products for the gaming industry to the group.

Current Favorite Board Game: Overboss
Current Favorite RPG: Mörk Borg


    Ken Oswald, The Nasty DM: Shaper of Worlds, Eternal Fan of Player Characters, aka Director, Game Production & Design / Developer / Writer
    Ken is a lifelong GM for dozens of rpgs, a game creator, a fiction and technical writer, and a fine artist (though excursions into fantasy illustration are a frequent lure!) He is a former comic and game store owner, print industry specialist, community rpg organizer for his local library, and anthropology grad student specializing in Middle Eastern, Middle Bronze Age Animal Bone Archaeology.

    Current Favorite Board Game: Go (variously known as Weiqi, Igo, Paduk or Baduk in Asian countries)
    Current Favorite RPG: Its code name is "DD," an RPG of Ken's own creation, but Dungeon World and Whitehack are close seconds.


    Bill Barnett, Word Sorcerer: Channels strong arcane magics into his quill, aka Writer
    Bill is a writer, gamer, cosmic horror fan, Miskatonic alum, reader, Jeep Wrangler enthusiast & cat lover. He is also a co-writer on the Journey to the Tree of Sorrows RPG.

    Current Favorite Board Game: Zombiecide
    Current Favorite RPG: Delta Green

    US Based Company

    Infinite Black is a US company with our headquarters outside of Birmingham, Alabama. 

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