About Infinite Black

Infinite Black was founded in early 2017, after successfully funding the first Elder Dice Kickstarter. We are based in Alabama, just outside of Birmingham. Our warehouses, however, span the globe with locations in the United Kingdom, Canada, China, California, Texas, and Pennsylvania. 

Over the past few years, our company has grown to publish games, game accessories, art, stories, and other related items all inspired by themes of horror and fantasy with a Cthulhu Mythos influence.

We strive for both the highest quality of products and exceeding our customer’s expectations. If you have purchased an item from Infinite Black, whether it be from a Kickstarter, convention, or online sale; we consider you part of our family and will treat you as such.

The Team

David LaRocca, The Artificer: Infusing magic into all objects he creates aka Owner / Creative Director / Artist

David is a fantasy and horror artist. He is the driving force and vision behind Infinite Black. His works of art and graphic design define the look and feel of Infinite Black's creations.

Current Favorite Board Game: Twilight Imperium
Current Favorite RPG: D&D 3.5


Brian Colin, Traveling Bard: Versatile, crafty and ready to inspire the party aka VP of Tabletop RPG Development / Artist
Brian is a sculptor, game designer, product developer, and graphic designer. He brings years of experience running a small business servicing corporate clients as well as developing his own products for the gaming industry to the group.

Current Favorite Board Game: Overboss
Current Favorite RPG: Mörk Borg


    Bill Barnett, Word Sorcerer: Channels strong arcane magics into his quill aka Writer
    Bill is a writer, gamer, cosmic horror fan, Miskatonic alum, reader, Jeep Wrangler enthusiast & cat lover. He is also a co-writer on the Journey to the Tree of Sorrows RPG.

    Current Favorite Board Game: Zombiecide
    Current Favorite RPG: Delta Green

    US Based Company

    Infinite Black is a US company with our headquarters outside of Birmingham, Alabama. 

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