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Trading Card Deck Box - Sigil of the Dreamlands
The Sigil of the Dreamlands trading card deck box
purple Sigil of the Dreamlands deck box with lore card

Trading Card Deck Box - Sigil of the Dreamlands

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The Infinite Black grimoire deck boxes add the perfect magical touch to any fantasy or horror card game while keeping your cards safe and secure.

This grimoire deck box includes a magnetic clasp, a black ribbon to separate cards in the box, and a lore card that explains the history and meaning of the box's magical symbol. 

How many cards can it hold?

The deck box will hold 160 unsleeved standard-sized trading cards. The total amount of sleeved cards can vary depending on the type of sleeves used. The box will hold 100 of our glossy-backed sleeved cards. If using double-sleeved cards and/or thick sleeves, it will hold less than 100 cards. If you are unsure of the thickness of your card sleeves, press your sleeved cards together and measure the entire deck. The inner depth of the deck box is about 2.1 inches (5.05 cm).

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