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Astral Elder Sign gold and white enamel pin
Gold and white enamel Astral star pin

Astral Elder Sign Pin - Gold and White Enamel

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Prepare yourself for eldritch encounters with this collectible pin featuring the Astral Elder Sign. The Astral Elder Sign is a protective ward again unsavory immaterial entities from the astral plane. It is also often used as a magical enhancement to spell casting. The Astral Elder Sign is not as ancient as the prehistoric branch-like Elder Sign, but comes from a rich magical tradition. 

This star-shaped Elder Sign is a very classically recognizable emblem in Lovecraftian lore and the Cthulhu mythos. Pin it with pride to your shirt, hat, or backpack.

The pin measures approximately 1 inch in length, uses a butterfly clasp, and comes pinned to a beautiful Journey to the Tree of Sorrows card. Each pin is individually numbered to guarantee uniqueness. Get yours today for the lowest number possible.

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