Card Sleeves - "Alhazred Harbinger of the Dark Star"
Playing card sleeves with Alhazred the author of the Necronomicon
Alhazred Harbinger of the Dark Star card sleeves

Card Sleeves - "Alhazred Harbinger of the Dark Star"

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Protect your cards for your favorite card games and set the tone for your entire deck. These card sleeves feature the art "Alhazred, Harbinger of the Dark Star" by David LaRocca. 

The soul of Alhazred, dread author of The Necronomicon, was trapped inside his skull which created The Relic of the Mad Poet. There he helps others work their magic from beyond the veil of death.

Each pack of sleeves contains 80 high clarity, acid-free, and PVC-free sleeves for standard-sized (3.5 inches by 2.5 inches) cards.

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