Elder Dice: The Shards of Illumination

Elder Dice: Shards of Illumination dice preview

We are excited to announce the coming of the next Elder Dice Kickstarter and show off a new series of Mythic Elder Dice. What does Mythic mean? We mean, this set has some major upgrades over the ones we've produced in years past. The Mythic Elder dice will come in upgrade grimoire boxes and will include an extra twenty-sided die in each box. The campaign is live right now! Don't miss out.


UPDATE - The Kickstarter is now over. Read more here. There's a limited amount of time to become a late backer.


The Crest of Dagonname me

The Crest of Dagon indicates a sworn covenant with the Deep Ones. When the symbol is engraved into a lead-like substance, they become important ritual components for summoning the Deep Ones from the sea.




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"lead sinks in the sea."


The Seer's Eye

Name Me



The Seer's Eye is a symbol associated with a small sect of seers and practitioners of Norse magic during the viking age. Their powers are rumored to come from an Elder God who walked among them as a giantess.


Seers Eye Mythic Elder Dice preview


The Crown of the Night Mother

Name Mae

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This page will be updated in the coming days with additional symbols and more information.


Mythic Elder Dice coming to Kickstarter
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