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Elder Dice: Size Chart


There exists a lot of different sized dice out there in the wild. This has given rise to some confusion online when often dice are advertised or depicted in a very close up photo to show details. There are over-sized spindown d20 life counters, there are micro dice, there are even weirder dice specimens that may have only been produced for a single, out-of-print board game. We're providing these reference images to try and help you feel confident about the size of our dice. Hopefully these help you make your decision on if they're the right dice for you. 

Elder Dice size comparison photo

Elder Dice reference shot

Elder Dice sizes

All of the Elder Dice are the common size of polyhedral gaming dice meant to be used for tabletop roleplaying games. Please note, the d20 in a common set of gaming dice for roleplaying games is slightly smaller than what you may see for a d20 that is considered a spindown life counter. Spindown life counters are very common because of many popular fantasy trading card games that have a life total of 20. Those are called "spindown life counters" because the numbers on the die go down in spinning direction with each number adjacent to the next number in the sequence. A d20 for a roleplaying game, by comparison, has numbers oriented in a more random fashion since the goal is rolling for random numbers. Though meant for life counters, it's hard to find a roleplaying group where somebody isn't rolling a spindown d20.

Difference between standard sized rpg d20 and a spindown counter
size comparison of a roleplaying game d20 and a "spindown" life counter

Grimoire Box Size 

The Elder Dice polyhedral sets come packed in collectible spellbook boxes with a magnetic flap. The "spellbooks" are smaller than a normal book. By U.S. measurements, they are 2.75 inches by 3.75 inches. This is a little thicker than a pack of normal playing cards, and a little taller than the height of an average coffee mug. The inner dimensions are large enough that they will hold a set of polyhedral dice and one our add on tubes of dice, but you will have very little room to spare after that. If you were to use the dice box to hold sleeved playing cards for a trading card game, it will hold only 40. Without sleeves, these boxes will hold up to 80 standard-sized trading cards. Standard-size is the size of the most popular trading card game (not to be confused with similar named formats for the way some of these games are played).
Cthulhu Coin reference shot

D2 Coin Sizes

Our coins depict the arcane symbols and glyphs found on Elder Dice and the grimoire boxes. Each coin is a little bigger than the U.S. quarter and about twice as thick. The measurements are 1 3/8” (35mm) from point to point and about 3mm thick.

Collectible Pins

The gold and white enamel pins with the Elder Dice symbols are roughly 1 inch (2.54 cm) in diameter. Since each design is slightly different, there is some variation in the size of the pin. They are about the size of a United States quarter.

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