Hello Adventurer! If you purchased a set of 1UP-Dice at your Favorite Local Game Store, ask them for your adventure PDF. 

They can send it to you through a free Bits and Mortar account. If they don't know what that is, they should check it out. It is totally FREE for them, and it allows them to send digital files to their customers from a ton of RPG publishers.


What Adventure Do I Get?

Very perceptive adventurer! Below you can see which adventure comes with each set of dice, but be warned; collecting all adventures forms a Massive Mini Mega Dungeon that will keep your gaming group busy for quite some time!

Arcane Candle Adventure

Cackling Skull Adventure

Cackling Blood Skull Adventure

Elixir of Vitality Adventure

Fireball Adventure

Healing Heart Adventure

Arcane Candle Adventure

Master Edition Mythical Sword Adventure

Poison Dagger Adventure

Radiant Shield Adventure

Radiant Silver Shield Adventure

Zombie Chopper Adventure


And don't forget, the 8-Bit Rules Codex is 100% FREE. Get it here!