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Vast Grimm Into Oblivion is Taking Off!!!

On Tuesday our newest expansion of Vast Grimm launched on Kickstarter and funded in under an hour!!!

We are thrilled to bring three new books and mission patches for the dying universe out later this year.

3 new vast grimm books

Into Oblivion expands on the existing ruleset with three new books. Blood Altared: a multi-adventure campaign with additional sub-classes and monsters; Space Raiders: new classes, factions, and a hex crawl set in a region known as “The Graveyard” filled with junker ships controlled by a Space Raider faction; Space Cruisers: includes starship creation rules, space combat rules, and new locations!

As of writing this we have already unlocked TEN stretch goals!!! One of our favorites is the new printed character sheets! Check out more of what's been unlocked here. 

Character Sheet tear pad
About those mission patches we mentioned earlier, take a look at how rad our new patches look!!!
Mission Patches
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