Vast Grimm Digital Copy RELEASED

Vast Grimm digital copy is now available


The digital copy of the Vast Grimm rulebook is now available on and DriveThruRPG. If you supported the campaign on Gamefound for the digital or the printed copy of the book, make sure you check your in-box. Download keys have now gone out. If you missed the campaign, the Vast Grimm campaign page now has a Pledge Managing section open and for a limited amount of time we can have late backers enter to pledge for the printed book and the dice sets before we place our final orders with the manufacturer. If you are only interested in grabbing the digital copy of the Vast Grimm rules, you can use this embed here 👇


When will the printed book be available?

Production of the printed book and the dice for the Vast Grimm campaign will begin soon. We are finalizing files for production with the manufacturer. A very early estimate is in first quarter 2022 we will move into fulfillment to send backers their rewards. Shortly thereafter we will have the printed book and some of the new dice sets available for direct purchase.

But don't wait to venture into space

The digital pdf copy of Vast Grimm has everything you need to start playing other than friends and dice (We're betting you can find a set of dice 😉) And the Vast Grimm website is up and running and has additional free resources you can take advantage of: character sheet, consumables sheetquick rules, character  generator



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