Upcoming Limited Time Special Editions

Greetings Mortals

At the end of this month we will be making a rare edition of three sets of Elder Dice available for direct purchase for a short amount of time. This is a limited-batch of The Seal of Yog-Sothoth, The Star of Azathoth, and the Eye of Chaos in special Interstellar edition. The dice are translucent with cosmic color swirl with infused glitter. These dice will be available from November 27th through December 4th. These Elder Dice have already been made and are ready for the holiday season, though in a limited batch.

Interstellar edition of the Seal of Yog-Sothoth
The Seal of Yog-Sothoth; special Interstellar edition


We have a special sign up page showing off the Interstellar Elder Dice sets. Make sure you sign up to know as soon as they're available. We are also giving away a set of the the Seal of Yog-Sothoth Interstellar edition Elder Dice. You can enter to win them here.


Upcoming Holidays and Shipping

We know that the holidays this year are going to be a different for all of us. We want to recap on how our online orders work so that if you're thinking about ordering some Elder Dice and having them delivered to you or to another as a gift, you'll know what to expect.


Where can you ship?

We ship out internationally. Wherever you are, we should be able to get some Elder Dice to you or a friend. When you make an order, you will have the opportunity to enter the desired shipping address.


How Long?

Typically, orders on the Infinite Black online store mail out a day after you complete your purchase. It can vary how long it takes to get to you depending on where you are in the world. We ship from a few warehouses internationally and we try to mail out orders in the most efficient way possible. In some countries in 2020, pandemic restrictions have slowed down mail services.


Estimated Shipping Time*
United States 3 - 6 days
Hawaii, Alaska, U.S. Territories 6 - 12 days
Canada 4 - 6 days
United Kingdom 7 - 14 days
Australia 10 - 14 days
Rest of Europe and World 14 - 30 days

* note that these are estimates. Your shipping time could be different.



When your order mails out you will receive a tracking number in an email letting you know the box is on the way. If you use the “log in” option on our store, you may also review your order and tracking when logged in.


If there's a question or a problem?

If something does go wrong or you have a question, we review our support form every day to make sure all orders are getting to where they need to go. If something unexpected happens with your tracking, please let us know by using our support form. Keep an eye on your spam folder. We respond with an email that ends in @infiniteblack.com


Stay Safe

The Infinite Black team


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