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Unspeakable Tomes | New Arcane Colors

Greetings Mortals

Back in 2018 we introduced the Unspeakable Tomes on Kickstarter. These were three new sets of Elder Dice symbols on tomes of eldritch power. There was the Mark of the Necronomicon dice set which we called "Blood and Ink" which featured the skull of Alhazred, the mad poet, on dice with dark streaks and swirls of red and a near-black inky blue. We produced the Yellow Sign dice which were in colors we called "Burnt Bone and Tattered Yellow" which was a marbled yellow and black. And then there was the Sigil of the Dreamlands dice in a color scheme we called "Eldritch Nebula" which was a rich marbled purple and blue.

The Unspeakable Tomes

Elder Dice | The Unspeakable Tomes (originals)

The Unspeakable Tomes in Arcane colors

Today we bring you the Unspeakable Tomes in new arcane colors. We were able to produce these during the Colors out of Space Kickstarter, which allowed us to create variations on all our dice we'd made so far.

 Elder Dice | Unspeakable Tomes (Arcane Colors)

The Yellow Sign - "Masked" Purple and Green

The Yellow Sign Mask Edition polyhedral dice set

First some background: The King in Yellow book was written by Robert W. Chambers. It is a series of strange stories, followed by even stranger poetry. The stories make reference to a play of the same name that is imbued with a power to quake and topple one's world perception to the ground merely by reading a single couplet. The story was a big influence on H. P. Lovecraft who borrowed names and places into his own works. If you've read The King in Yellow stories, you know they take place in either America or abroad, and they have a strong French influence throughout. Though Mardi Gras is celebrated in many countries around the world, in America it is strongly tied to the cities and communities still rich in French culture and a common sight during Mardi Gras are masks and purple and green decorations. Putting all that information together, we wanted the Yellow Sign "Mask" edition dice to convey all of that, and in my opinion, they're some of the most sinister looking dice we've made.

Here at Infinite Black, we are big fans of the King in Yellow stories because they're just so weird in the right ways and are truly some of the most unique visions of horror ever written. I can see this being a great set of dice for a character involved with a shadowy secret-society, outwardly aristocratic but depraved and twisted behind the scenes.

We have the Yellow Sign "Mask" edition dice available as the polyhedral set and the tube of 9 d6s.

 The Mark of the Necronomicon - "Blood and Magick"

According to the lore of the Journey to the Tree of Sorrows world, Alhazred's skull was preserved post-mortem, holding the specter of his malevolent mind as a vessel. His book, the Necronomicon, is a tome of powerful magic, lore, and history. We wanted the "Blood and Magick" Mark of the Necronomicon dice to strongly evoke a sense of arcane turmoil. They are a marbled mix of red and blue, and as an important note, it's a brighter shade of blue than the original inky blackish-blue of of the original Necronomicon dice. These dice have some tremendous effects that occur with how these colors mix and swirl like fluid energy. To me, they resemble something completely unnatural, like the lair of some highly magical alien being the secretes its own materials for its walls.

I haven't mentioned the boxes too much in these blog posts about the new dice colors, though all the new colors are accompanied with updated box art too. The Mark of the Necronomicon "Blood and Magick" edition's box deserves special mention though. The Necronomicon spellbook box all in dark tones of red is one of my favorites. It is downright evil looking.

We have the Mark of the Necronomicon in "Blood and Magick" available in the polyhedral set, the tube of 9 d6s, and the tube of 10 d10s.

The Sigil of the Dreamlands -"Kadathian Ice"

If you're on an arctic expedition digging in the ice, you know what you probably shouldn't be seeing? Bright streaks of violet. These dice are an icy, bright hue of blue with faint streaks of of swirled violet. In Lovecraft's stories, Kadath is a mysterious world of which not much is known. Our take on it with these dice is at least some part of Kadath is very, very cold, and there is some ancient corruption frozen in the ice.

We have "Kadathian Ice" dice available as the polyhedral set, the tube of 9 d6s, and as tubes of 10 d10s.

And One Slipcase To Bind Them

We have a new slipcase to reveal to hold these new sets of dice in their grimoires. This slipcase is called "Plight of the Traveler". It holds three polyhedral sets. For a limited time, we have an offer running where you will receive a bonus "Plight of the Traveler" slipcase whenever you buy 3 of of our polyhedral Elder Dice sets. It does not have to be one of these new sets, you can mix and match with any available Elder Dice polyhedral sets to receive this deal.

Thanks for reading, Mortals

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