The Shards of Illumination Kickstarted has ended

Greetings Mortals

Last night the Shards of Illumination Kickstarter ended as a huge success for us at Infinite Black. We had 7,212 backers pledge 840170 to help bring our project to life. This funding will allow us to create 10 new sets of Mythic Elder Dice and many complimentary items. These sets of dice are going to be the envy of your gaming group because they are an eldritch mix of colors and materials with our arcane symbols and the grimoire boxes will have upgrades this time to make them really stand out.

The Yellow Sign in Black Amber

The Yellow Sign "Black Amber" edition. (Not yet available)

We had a few last-minute surprises in the Kickstarter that we've never made before. During the course of the campaign, one item that we kept hearing requests for was an over-sized d20. That prompted us to check in with our manufacturing partners to see if it would be possible. One of our very last surprise stretch goals was this sinister, Leviathan-sized d20 in Doom edition black & red featuring the Astral Elder Sign.

If you're curious how you can get one of these, you should know this Doom Edition Leviathan d20 will NOT be for sale later on our website. We have a few items that are exclusive to our Kickstarter and this is one of them. BUT! You have a limited amount of time to make a late pledge if you missed the Kickstarter campaign. We are preparing our Pledge Manager for backers to make their choices, and there is the opportunity to invite in late backers before we place our final orders with our manufacturer. If you want to request access to become a late backer, go here.

Leviathan Elder Dice d20

Leviathan d20. Will not be available later!


We are a small team here at Infinite Black and we really rely on the support from the Kickstarter community. If you backed our campaign thank you SOOOOOOOOOOOO much! We only get to continue doing what we do through your support.

When will some of the new sets be available here?

We have heard this question a lot! We do intend to eventually bring most of the new sets to our online store, but you have a long wait ahead of you. Our first priority is to get everything made and shipped to our Kickstarter backers and only after that is complete will we start adding the new items in a phased approach as we can. And, as mentioned above, the Doom Edition items from the campaign page will never come to our online store. If you missed the Kickstarter and want to get the Doom Edition sets, or you just want to get the new dice sets during the Kickstarter shipping instead of waiting even longer, it's important that we get you in as a late backer when we open our Pledge Manager

Dagon Ritual Candle

Crest of Dagon Ritual Candle dice holder (Not yet available)

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