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The Elder Dice Preorders are Open!

The Elder Dice preorders are now live! Because the first printing has sold out, placing a preorder is the best way to ensure Elder Dice will be sent right to your door as soon as the second printing is finished. Click here to preorder the complete Elder Dice collection, or click here to shop all the Elder Dice preorder items and mix and match as you like.

In addition to getting Elder Dice at a discount from their regular retail price, we have some very special bonuses for those who preorder. Anyone who joins the preorder campaign in the first week will receive an extra d20 that matches their set. That way, when you are rolling with advantage or disadvantage in D&D you will have matching d20 dice. We do not sell individual dice through our website, so this preorder is the only way to get the extra d20 online.

We will add your free d20 dice to your preorder when they ship. Click here to go to the preorder page.

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