The Colors out of Space arriving at backers' doors

We have exciting news

Elder Dice the Colors out of Space edition are officially arriving at backers' doors. We've seen photographic evidence of the new dice in the wild. For some regions, the dice have not yet gotten to the mail, but they are on their way. We made a post on Kickstarter about each region.

When will the new dice be available on the Infinite Black online store?

We don't know just yet. It will be after backers receive their rewards. We estimate that after this first wave of shipping, the second wave should ratchet up about 2-3 weeks later. It could be a few months before the new dice are available on the store here, but we will let you know when they are.

If you want to follow updates, you can follow us on Twitter or on Facebook.

Thanks everybody that backed the project. We're excited that the new dice are finally making their way into the world.

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