October 2017 Newsletter

As always, there is a lot going on here at Infinite Black and RAINN Studios. We are gearing up to publicly announce one of the projects very soon, and we have a few teasers for them all under their code names. Here is the rundown:

Elder Dice

We are still working to get the production molds produced. While the molds for the Elder Sign and Astral (Star) Elder Sign have been completed, the mold for the Cthulhu dice has caused problems because of the complexity of the symbol’s design. For all the latest on that, please see Kickstarter Update #18.

Project Chamber

“Project Chamber” will be the next Infinite Black project. We are looking forward to revealing it publicly in November. It involves illustration, writing, and even voice talent. We recently contracted with Ian Gordon at HorrorBabble to work with us on this project. If you have not heard his work, he has fantastic audio productions of Chamber’s “The King in Yellow” short stories on the HorrorBabble YouTube Channel. His audio productions are a great way to experience the stories, so be sure to check them out. Look for the announcement on this soon! 

Project Unspeakable

Project Unspeakable will be the next “battleship level” project that Infinite Black will bring to Kickstarter. We are not quite ready to announce what it is yet, but the project is about 95% complete from a development stand point. We are now trying to get an accurate quote from a manufacturer so we can plan the Kickstarter campaign.

Project Journey

Project Journey is still in the concept phase while the Elder Gods decide their roles. Materials are being drafted and we know there will be a lot of interest in this project when we announce it.

Get TerraTiles Before the Prices Go Up

All boxes of TerraTiles are currently available in the RAINN Studios store for $49.95, but that will not be for much longer. They will be returning to their regular SPR of $74.95 each very soon. So, this will be the last opportunity to pick them up at discounted price. If you want them, be sure to get them! TerraTiles are the easiest way to get great looking terrain on your gaming table right out of the box. There is nothing to paint and nothing to flock.

Please note that unfortunately, we only have Misty Moorlands and Coasts and Rivers in the United States, Canada and a very few remaining in Australia and New Zealand. We cannot fulfill orders for those two sets in Europe. 

Heath On “The Surprisingly Technical
Process of Designing a Tabletop Game”

Asher Stephenson, of Wonky & Technical interviewed Heath for a show called “The Surprisingly Technical Process of Designing a Tabletop Game”. It is available right here on Medium. You will need a Medium account in order to access it. In the interview, Heath talks about some things that Infinite Black has in development, but be aware that it is a bit out of date now. The interview took place back in July. It was a great conversation and lots of fun. See what you think! 

Production Blogs

1. Everyone's Favorite Worlds for Gaming - During the $500 Tabletop Gaming Giveaway, we asked everyone which of three worlds they would be interested in exploring through games, stories, and film. We wanted to share that information with you. It is a great insight into what the RAINN Studios and Infinite Black community is interested in. Read the production blog right here.

2. Making Elder Dice Happen (Part 2) - In this post we take a "behind-the-scenes" look at the manufacturing process for Elder Dice. This post describes the process of creating the manufacturer’s sample. It includes pictures of the steel molds used to create them and what the dice look like when they come out of the molds. Have you ever seen dice on sprues? You will now! Read the production blog right here.


We drew for the winner of the $500 Tabletop Gaming Giveaway. Congratulations to Cory in Pennsylvania. He won and had lots of great gaming stuff sent his way.

If you did not win, don’t despair! We are going to be doing a lot more giveaways. The next one will be coming up very soon, so please stay tuned to this newsletter and to our social media channels so you will know when they go live.

That is all for now. Stand by our social media channels, including the Infinite Black Facebook page and the Elder Dice Facebook group for announcements about these great projects!

Cheers for now!
Heath and David

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