Nocturnus - JttToS Announcement

Behold, the Harbinger of the Dark Star. With the sun’s eclipse, another darkness, deeper, ancient, and otherworldly, rises. In absence of illumination, it grows as a tree bathed in light. Its branches reach into night eternal, boughs beholden to black mist. And would-be travelers finally heed its call.

Infinite Black proudly unveils the prophecy long shrouded in whispers, a dormant secret lying in slumber, a quest into those lightless spaces concealed by shadow:


An immersive adventure series for the NOCTURNUS roleplaying game.

Prepare yourselves. Coming to Kickstarter in Fall 2024, Infinite Black launches NOCTURNUS. Introducing vast realities of cosmic horror, travelers within its dark age setting will come face to face with the true root of all evil as they Journey to the Tree of Sorrows.

As part of the NOCTURNUS Kickstarter Campaign, Infinite Black fans will be rewarded for their eternal patience as we’ve prepared this intricate dark opus. This first-ever adventure series of our Eldritch Mythos takes players into the umbral heart of darkness, unearthing their world’s torment, illuminating unspeakable abominations. You WILL Journey to the Tree of Sorrows!

To die, to sleep—to sleep, perchance to dream... and in this sleep of death what dreams may come. On then to this sleep of death, perchance to nightmare.

Sebastian, Luminary of the Sanctus Imperium

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