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Greetings Mortals

We have something new to show you today. Some time ago, we got the wheels moving to make some new stand-alone products that were not part of our Kickstarters, such as back in April we released card sleeves featuring David LaRocca's dark, cosmic art. Today we are announcing grimoire deck boxes for your favorite trading cards! These are similar to the grimoires of Elder Dice, but larger to hold more cards and with a black ribbon inside to bookmark your cards. We have six designs, each featuring an arcane symbol and with unique art on the inside cover to match our card sleeves and playmats. Each deck box also contains a lore card with the history and meaning of the featured arcane symbol.


The Elder Sign

The Elder Sign is the original and first arcane symbol of the Cthulhu Mythos. This branch symbol is thought to ward off the Deep Ones and other dangerous creatures. The art on the inner cover is "Yog-Sothoth Knows the Gate" which can be matched with this playmat and these card sleeves.

The Brand of Cthulhu

The Brand of Cthulhu is a symbol worn and branded onto the most nihilistic cults of Cthulhu. Their chanting and prophecies hint at a horrible doom for Earth, of which Cthulhu, an enormous dragon-like being with an octopoid head, descendent of Yog-Sothoth, shall command the destruction from a watery throne. The inner art is "Yog-Sothoth is the Gate." Pair this one with the playmat with the same art or with the star spawn playmat here. Match with these card sleeves.

The Astral Elder Sign

The Astral Elder Sign is a burning star symbol thought to ward off the conjurations of the Necronomicon. It is a powerful arcane symbol, not truly good or evil, as the astral plane spans both. It is often adopted by those most devoted to the studies of the arcane and the occult. The inner art features "Whisperer in the Web." Match with this playmat and these card sleeves.

The Mark of the Necronomicon

The Mark of the Necronomicon is a flaming skull symbol evoking the power of Abdul Alhazred, the dread author of the Necronomicon, a compendium of occult knowledge and conjuration magic. Spellcasters wielding this symbol are destructive and heedless of the power that they unleash. The inner art features "Alhazred Harbinger of the Dark Star." Match with this playmat and these card sleeves.

The Yellow Sign

The Yellow Sign is a symbol devoted to the King in Yellow, an enigmatic being dangerous for one to even acknowledge his existence. The cult followers of the Yellow Sign work from the shadows to enact secret agendas. Their plans and schemes are as enigmatic and byzantine as their leader. The inner art features "White Night, Black Stars, Dim Carcosa." Match with this playmat and these card sleeves.

The Sigil of the Dreamlands

The Sigil of the Dreamlands marks the entrances to the Dreamlands from earth. The Dreamlands are mirror worlds layered over that which we know. They can be both beautiful and strange, as dangerous as they are enchanting. The inner art features "Yog-Sothoth is the Key." Match with these card sleeves. We do not have a playmat featuring this particular art, but check back soon. We hope to introduce some new playmat options in the near future.

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