New Eldritch Coins

Greetings Mortals

Today we added the copper, silver, and gold coins that were left over from the Colors out of Space Kickstarter to our store for direct purchase. The supply for these is truly limited and once they're gone you may not see them again for a long time. The new coins feature the symbols The Eye of Chaos, The Star of Azathoth, and The Seal of Yog-Sothoth.

The Star of Azathoth coins

What can you use coins for?

These coins can be used for the occasional d2 flips, or 50/50 chance decisions, in a roleplaying game. Another use is for in-universe coins to hand out to your players to use as inspiration tokens which some TTRPGs use.

The Eye of Chaos Coins

A Limited Time Deal

We have a special deal running for a short amount of time for all the Infinite Black coins featuring the symbols of Elder Dice. If you purchase a polyhedral set of Elder Dice, you will be presented with a choice to add on a free bonus coin of your choosing when you go to your cart on our store. This deal and these coins will not last forever. If you missed out on these during the Colors out of Space Kickstarter, this may be your last chance to get one.

The Seal of Yog-Sothoth Coins

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