Mythic Elder Dice : Shards of Illumination Coming to Kickstarter

Going live on Kickstarter August 4th

Elder Dice : Shards of Illumination

Greetings Mortals,

I want to share all the important information and links in one place about the upcoming Kickstarter for Elder Dice : Shards of Illumination. The campaign goes live on August 4th.

Mythic Elder Dice : Crown of the Nightmother

First off, let's talk about what the campaign is going to have. Elder Dice Shards of Illumination will feature three new arcane symbols and we will have stretch goals to do seven more sets of our previous Elder Dice symbols in new colors. The symbols are The Crest of Dagon, The Crown of the Night Mother, and the Seer's Eye. The style of dice is complex and unique. We're combining multiple materials all in one to have a mix of opaque, translucent, and sparkles and we concocted some of the weirdest color combinations to give you the most unique Elder Dice yet. These boxes of Mythic Elder Dice will include an additional d20 inside each box, for a total of 2 d20s, 1 d12, 1 d10, 1 d%, 1 d8, 3 d6, and 1 d4. And the grimoire boxes will have a new gold foil border to make them really stand out!

The Seal of Yog-Sothoth : Cobalt Transcendence

And there's more! We'll have additional stretch goals revealed during the Kickstarter. The main focus is and has always been to create unique dice for your characters at the gaming table, but we want to provide extra gear to really set the tone.

Call out of Mythic Elder Dice box upgrades

Important Places

If you are reading this page before the Kickstarter launch on August 4th, then you still have time to enter our giveaways, but you better hurry because the 4th is only days away. We have two running, and one of them is massive.

First Giveaway (The massive one!)

The first one is here. This one will have several winners, and we're giving away full collection sets of Elder Dice in their Doom edition slipcases which are not available for purchase. The Doom Slipcases were made as exclusive items during our previous Kickstarters and we've only got a very, very small number of them left. The grand prize winner will win a truly mythic collection of the previous sets of Elder Dice we've made and the prototype of The Crest of Dagon dice which we will be one of the new sets in the Shards of Illumination.

Second Giveaway

The 2nd giveaway is here. In this giveaway you can connect with us on social media and be entered to win an early prototype set of the new Seer's Eye dice.

The Coming Soon Kickstarter Page

The next thing to know about is Kickstarter now has "Coming Soon" pages so you can get a reminder when the campaign goes live. This is a newer feature with Kickstater and it's the first time we've had this. There's not much to see there yet, but if you want to be reminded when the Kickstarter goes live then please give it a visit. For first day backers, we'll have an additional bonus, so if you plan on backing the campaign you want to be there on the first day.

Mythic Elder Dice : The Crest of Dagon

The Facebook Event Page

If you're on Facebook, we'll have a event going on launch day. We'd love to have you join us there because it is going to be an exciting day.

What else?

If you missed our teaser page leading up to announcing the campaign, you can still see it here. We had fun creating cryptic puzzles to reveal the three new symbols. We had various fans figure each one out on social media. Shout out to them, cause a couple of them were tricky!

Mythic Elder Dice : The Seer's Eye

Final Word

We all want to convey our gratitude toward the community that has supported us. We would LOVE to have your help with this next Kickstarter, but we totally know and understand that times are tough for many out there right now. It's crazy times. Kickstarter really has been an amazing way for us to connect with people who are supportive and we really want to make the cool stuff you want us to make. Our team has been able to grow some in this past year (Hi, I'm the new guy) and so we're still in the very early stages of Infinite Black. Our entire team would fit inside a single compact car, so believe me when I say every single bit of support, every kind word, it really means a lot to us. Thank you!

I hope you love the new dice we're planning and I hope you can join us on August 4th! Thank you :D

Thanks for Reading mortals


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