Gaze into the Future of Infinite Black

At Infinite Black, we have a LOT of creative projects in store for the future. If you've followed what we do and make, you know we survive through your help on platforms like Kickstarter. And if you've been through that journey with us before, you know that start to finish, creative projects with new products can take a LONG time and a lot of planning months and months in advance. We've been fortunate to grow, and in growing we have new exciting projects in the works for the future. This post is giving the first ever glimpse into our estimated timeline for some of these projects. We cannot go into detail on what they all are, not at this moment, but suffice it to say we've got a mix of what we're known for and some new stuff we hope you love.

The Timeline

Infinite Black project timeline


What else does the future hold?

Later this fall in the United States marks the return of the GenCon and Origins conventions and we will be there! We will run an eldritch booth with our arcane trinkets and baubles on the convention floor. If you are planning to attend, make sure you stop by to meet the Infinite Black team and check out Elder Dice in person.

Infinite Black 2021 convention schedule



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