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Cthulhu-sized Giveaway Has Ended

Elder Dice Giveaway picture

Greetings Mortals

We wanted to let everyone that participated in our Cthulhu-Sized Elder Dice giveaway know here on (in case you missed our email) that we made our drawings this morning and have contacted the winners. The winners are (in censored format for obvious reasons):

4th Prize: 

Original Elder Dice in Doom Edition Slipcase:
Winner: s***************

3rd Prize: 

Original Elder Dice and Unspeakable Tomes in Doom Edition Slipcase:
Winner: a**********

2nd Prize: 

Original Elder Dice, Unspeakable Tomes Doom Edition Slipcase, and Colors Out of Space Slipcase:
Winner: k*********


1.the Original Elder Dice Collection in Doom Edition Slipcase,
2. the Unspeakable Tomes Dice Collection in Doom Edition Slipcase,    
3. the Colors Out of Space Polyhedral Collection in Doom Edition Slipcase,
4. the Original Elder Dice Collection in their Alternate Colors,
5. the Unspeakable Tomes Dice Collection in their Alternate Colors,
6. the Doom Edition Brand of Cthulhu Polyhedral Dice Set, and
7. All three Doom Edition Playmats (from the Original set, Unspeakable Tomes, and Colors Out of Space).
Winner: m******


Small Cthulhu Icon Symbol

Thank you!

We want to sincerely thank each and every one of you for helping us spread the word about Elder Dice and the stuff we make. We're a very, very small company. When you help friends discover what we're doing over here at Infinite Black, we really appreciate it and are humbled by your support.

If you didn't win, well, I am sure we will have some future giveaways so there is hope to win things in the future. Not only that, but if you did participate, look for the email response for a discount code you can use today if you want to grab some Elder Dice anyway. I'd post it here, but we very rarely do discounts like this directly on the polyhedral dice sets, so we don't want to make the discount too easy, but if you helped then we want to offer something.

Thank you once again from all of us at Infinite Black.



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