Covid-19 and Shipping

We are monitoring the coronavirus pandemic closely and want to provide you with the most upfront information possible concerning orders on the Infinite Black store. Our orders ship out from several warehouses: three in the US, one in Canada, one in the UK, and one in China. The inventory in each warehouse varies. Because of this, potential lockdowns could disrupt or delay shipping or mean that an order would have to be filled from a different warehouse or wait to be filled.

We were notified that beginning March 17th through April 7th that the bay area in California is going on lockdown for three weeks. This area contains one of our largest US-based warehouses.

We are a very small team, but we try to be very present and responsive online in a number of locations. If you have any questions, please ask. We also have a dedicated support form for questions.

Remote Work

Our core team is working remotely as much as possible. Many of our partners with our shipping warehouses will also have to accommodate changing work schedules and family commitments. We have been told that they maintain their commitment to shipping out orders, but with reduced staff and unexpected restrictions, delays are possible.

Shipping Delays

Expect shipping delays. All orders will be processed and will not be lost. Some orders may be able to be filled from a separate location if a major area with a warehouse is under a lock down. If for some circumstance the order cannot be filled, we will contact you and issue a full refund. For most orders in the US, the lock down in California will delay shipping until after April 7th.


What about a lockdown in my city?

If a lockdown occurs where you live, this too could delay your shipping.


Health and Safety

Our first priority is the health and safety of anyone who is a part of the greater Infinite Black operation. We want to be sure that all the shipping warehouses around the world are following local and national guidance in their areas to deal with the coronavirus. This is going to impact different warehouses differently depending on their situation around the world. When we have more information, we will be sure to share it with you.We appreciate everyone’s patience and understanding.
- The entire Infinite Black team

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