Collectable Pin Shipping Update

The collectable enamel pins have been shipping out and so we wanted to update everyone on the progress. We have been shipping the pins out in “waves” to ensure that those people who ordered first get the lowest numbered pins. We have been coordinating this across the world. We have seen lots of pictures on Facebook where people have posted their pins. That is great to see. We are very glad you are enjoying them.

Here is the breakdown of how things are going around the world.

United States: These pins are being dispatched by Funagain Games out of Oregon. We believe all pins ordered in the United States up to this point have been fulfilled. If you do not have yours, please let us know. They typically ship UPS and send a tracking number to you by email. They have additional pins in stock, so if you are in the United States and would like to pick them up, we will queue up your order for dispatch as soon as it is placed.

Canada: Snakes and Lattes is fulfilling these pins. Wave 1 has been dispatched. We have not seen tracking numbers for Wave 2 yet, so we believe that wave is still “in progress”. Wave 3 is making its way up to Toronto. They should have it very soon, and there will be extras in that shipment. So if you are in Canada and have not ordered the pins yet, please do so. They will go out very soon.

Australia and New Zealand: These pins are being fulfilled by Aetherworks. They have already shipped out “Wave 1” and we just received confirmation that they have received Wave 2. They have all the shipping addresses and so should start shipping those directly. Wave 3 pins are already in the mail to them and are making their way down to Australia.

Europe and the Rest of the World: These pins are being dispatched through Spiral Galaxy in the United Kingdom. We have sent all three waves of pins to them, and we just heard that they have emailed address confirmations out to everyone. They plan to give everyone a day or so to reply if for any reason there is a problem with the shipping address. Then they will be sent on their way. This should be Wave 1 and Wave 2 pins shipping. Wave 3 will probably arrive at their warehouse in the next few days.

If you would like to get your pins, you can still order all three of them for the price of two through this link. They are beautiful and it was fun to see them on people’s lanyards and backpacks at Gen Con and Dragon Con.

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