Another way to win card sleeves and more!

Greetings Infinite Black fans,

We announced earlier this week we will soon have card sleeves available with cosmic, Lovecraftian art featured on the back of each sleeve. We now have another way to win the card sleeves plus a whole mega-huge bundle of other awesome Infinite Black products along with them.

Grand prize is all of this loot!

grand prize for card sleeve giveaway


Your eyes do not deceive you. Grand prize is six packs of sleeves, six playmats, three Polyhedral sets of Elder Dice, three tubes of extra d6s, and plus a $100 gift card for the Infinite Black online shop. The winner will be able to choose which designs for each. That is a lot of stuff.

Go here to enter to win. You will be automatically entered in the drawing to win three packs of card sleeves. If you share the contest with friends you will get entered into even more drawings.


Yours in Yog-Sothoth,


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