Announcing the $500 Tabletop Gaming Giveaway

Infinite Black is giving away $500 worth of tabletop games and gaming accessories. Click here to go straight to the competition. We are giving away board games, RPGs, terrain for your miniatures, and even a gift certificate to the Miniatures Market. Specifically, the winner will receive: 

  • War of Kings - a strategy board game of medieval kingdom-building and warfare,
  • Incantris: a board game of wizardly combat, 
  • the complete TerraTiles terrain system, including TerraTiles: The Misty Moorlands, TerraTiles: Coasts and Rivers, TerraTiles: Tundras and Wastelands, and the TerraTiles: Battle Pack,
  • the core Delta Green Lovecraftian roleplaying books: Delta Green: Agent's Handbook, Delta Green: Need to Know (with GM screen, quickstart rules, and a ready-to-play scenario), and Extraordinary Renditions, a Delta Green fiction anthology, and a   
  • $100 gift certificate to the Miniatures Market in case there is anything you didn’t win here that you need to pick up.

There are lots of fun ways to enter and they all have to do with getting involved with Infinite Black. Click here to get to the competition. It runs through October 3, 2017. Good luck!

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