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Greetings Infinite Black fans,

We bring exciting news. We are ready to announce the next product that we will be producing and we need your help. For a long time now, we've heard requests for making Cthulhu Mythos inspired shirts featuring our symbols and art. It is something we've wanted to do for a long time too. We are almost ready to start doing it!

We have six designs but only three will go into production. The shirts are a soft, 100% polyester jersey material with full wrap-around art. We are running a giveaway and a vote to decide which shirts we will produce. Please enter and help us decide.

After voting concludes, we will announce the winning designs and we will be running a pre-order page with a special price for getting the shirts you want. Unlike some of the other projects we've created in years past, this will not be going to Kickstarter. The pre-order will be the best way to guarantee you get the shirt you want, but we intend on selling these shirts directly here on our store as long as supplies last.

Thanks for reading and please vote

- The Infinite Black team

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