Ethereal colors for the original Elder Dice

Greetings Mortals

The original Elder Dice kickstarter campaign launched back in 2017. During that campaign, we were able to create the dice for the Brand of Cthulhu, the Lovecraft Elder Sign, and the Astral Elder Sign. The originals were a series of red, green, and blue dice.

Original Elder Dice polyhedrals

The original Elder Dice in blue, red, and green

Ethereal Colors

During the Colors out of Space Kickstarter campaign, we were fortunate enough to reach our stretch goal which allowed us to take our original Elder Dice symbols and produce them in alternate colors. 

Today we are finally able to bring those alternate colors to our online shop!

Let's start with the one that is a is going to be a favorite for Cthulhu devotees out there.

The Brand of Cthulhu - Drowned Green

If you were one of the many that asked for green Brand of Cthulhu dice, your wait is over. These dice are a marbled, lustrous green with our favorite octopoidal god branded in gold. The polyhedral set includes the spellbook grimoire in green to match. The tentacled goodness doesn't end there. With our last Kickstarter campaign, we were able to produce a few select sets of dice in tubes of ten d10s. If you need extras, we have tubes of d10s available. We also have tubes of nine d6s for the drowned green Brand of Cthulhu dice.

Why go with the green Cthulhu?

Do you like the sea? Are you the kind of person that likes to say things like "YOU'RE ALL DOOMED"? Do you live in a swamp and worship a statue of questionable origin? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then the Brand of Cthulhu is the set of dice for you.

Green Cthulhu d10 dice

The Drowned Green Brand of Cthulhu d10 set

The Drowned Green Brand of Cthulhu d6 set

 Astral Elder Sign - Mystic Purple

Astral Elder Sign dice in mystic purple

The Astral Elder Sign dice in mystic purple is a set that is hard to capture in a photo. They are truly enchanting to look at. They are a marbled purple with what reminds me of reflective silk inside. The gold burning star symbol and numbers stand out vividly against the dark purple. For the mystic purple Astral Elder Sign, we have the polyhedral set available and the tube of nine d6s.

Why choose the purple Astral Elder Sign?

Are you the kind of person that yells to shut the door when a friend leaves a door to another dimension open? Do you carry around a 40 pound book filled with incantations in case of emergencies? Are you wary of reading aloud from strange books found in basements? If you answered yes to any of these, the Astral Elder Sign dice are the dice for you.

Astral Elder Sign d6s in Mystic Purple

The d6 set of the mystic purple Astral Elder Sign dice

Elder Sign - Blue Aether

Blue Aether Elder Sign polyhedrals

The Elder Sign is the original branch symbol sketched by Lovecraft. It is a symbol known to ward against Deep Ones and other strange creatures of the material plane. We call this color "Blue Aether". The Aether is the ancient, mist-like material that fills the voids of the universe and is thought to be breathed by the gods themselves. These dice are a marbled, pearlescent blue with gold numbering and the Elder Sign symbol on each die. Normally the the branch symbol is thought to be a plant, but I could see how against the blue it could be interpreted as a sea coral. We have the polyhedral set and the d6 tubes of dice available in the Blue Aether.

Why choose the blue aether Elder Sign?

Do fish make you nervous? Do your friends live in the clouds? Are you just one of those people that is really obsessed with blue dice? If yes to any of these, then the blue aether Elder Sign dice are the dice for you.

Blue Aether Elder Sign d6 dice

A limited time deal

To celebrate the new alternate colors of these Elder Dice, we have one more item to reveal and a special deal to go along with it. For a limited time, if you buy any three Elder Dice polyhedral sets, the "Passage of the Traveler" slipcase will automatically be added onto your cart for free during checkout. The Passage of the Traveler slipcase holds three sets of Elder Dice on your bookshelf and features art resembling the Egyptian Book of the Dead with a Lovecraftian influence.

*Update* this promotion ended on 6/15/2020. 

The Passage of the Traveler Elder Dice slipcase

The Passage of the Traveler slipcase

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