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$800 Giveaway to Celebrate Journey to the Tree of Sorrows

Journey to the Tree of Sorrows is a original Lovecraftian story about the pursuit of knowledge across the Earth and the Dreamlands. The world is designed to be explored through art, stories, audio, and especially roleplaying games.

The first Journey to the Tree of Sorrows story will be released on December 5th. This will coincide with the launch of the JttToS inner circle on Patreon. Inner circle members will receive the stories, audio productions, get behind the scenes access, and, of course, get gaming materials to play Journey to the Tree of Sorrows roleplaying games.

To celebrate the upcoming release, we are giving away tons of cool stuff, including:

  • Enamel pins of magical symbols,
  • Cthulhu idols, perfect for your shelf or an RPG prop,
  • TerraTiles to build your gaming landscapes, and
  • over $500 worth of Dwarven Forge caverns.

For more information and to enter to win the prizes, go to

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