Favorite Worlds and Games

As part of last month's $500 Tabletop Gaming Giveaway, we asked everyone what worlds they are interested in exploring as well as what products they are most interested in. We thought everyone would like to know the results, so here they are.

First, we asked what worlds everyone would like to explore through games, stories, art, and films. Of the 2,970 people who entered the drawing, 1,510 responded to this question. The number of responses add up to more than that because you could select more than one option—in fact there were lots of people who selected all three!

Here is how it all broke down:

Please note that this is not a referendum on general popularity. Lots of people who entered the drawing are Lovecraft fans and backers of the Elder Dice Kickstarter campaign. Also, there were lots of people who have been part of previous RAINN Studios projects, including the Incantris board game Kickstarter. Therefore, it is not surprising that the Lovecraftian world and the high-magic mageocracy are the most popular.

The dark Lovecraftian world is Journey to the Tree of Sorrows. You may already have a pin that bears its symbol. Journey is also highly associated with “Project Chamber" that we talked about in the last newsletter. We will have more information on that very soon.

The high magic mageocracy is the world developed for Incantris. The Incantris board game is about how the Kingdom of Aldramere is engaged in a magical war that is fracturing the world. Players in Incantris control teams of wizards who are competing to become the kingdom’s champions.

Also, this world makes an appearance in the 12 Weeks of Gaming. The Crystal Caverns lie beneath the ruins of the capital of Aldramere, which were once the main magical workshop and study for the wizards of the realm. Now, magical energy is leaking from a trans-dimensional gate and the players must investigate. That adventure is Week 12 of the 12 Weeks of Gaming. Watch for it to hit your inbox.

The angelic empire on a primeval Earth describes the world I have been developing for years and I am looking forward to releasing material for it. There will be lots more to come in this area.

Now, let's talk about people's interests in products. We asked people what they were interested in and 1,581 people responded. Here are the results:

Again, this is not an indication of what is most popular broadly. Many of the people who backed Elder Dice are interested in roleplaying, as are many of the TerraTiles backers. The backers of Incantris and War of Kings are obviously into board games. But, all of this goes together to illustrate the kind of community that is building around Infinite Black.

All of the above are products that we want to create through Infinite Black. David and I are avid board gamers and role-players, and so we have lots of things planned in that area. And, of course, with Elder Dice, gaming accessories are an important part of what we are doing. But, we want Infinite Black to be much more than a gaming company. That is why we will always have an eye out for great items we can develop that tie in with everything else we are doing. However, the most critical products beyond games are the art and stories.

Illustration and writing are the core creative talents that David and I are bringing to Infinite Black. David is always working to create amazing pieces of art for our projects that set the tone for everything we are doing. I am working to develop stories for the world. Art and stories are also core components of the upcoming Project Chamber.

Thank you to everyone who participated in the giveaway. There will be more, so please stay tuned!

In the meantime, what do you think would be the best combination of world and product would be?

Cheers for now,
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